An Oily Approach: Giving Thanks

An article I recently read spoke of the difference between being thankful and giving thanks.  It may seem like it’s the same thing, but really it is totally different.  Let me explain.

Being thankful, although still a good thing, is a rather passive activity.  We can be thankful for having a nice home, a good job, a happy family, etc., but really what we are expressing is that we are happy to have these things or be in a particular situation.  A good part of the time, we give ourselves the credit for most of the good things we have.  How much better would it be to think of the many people throughout our lives who have helped us along the way?

To me giving thanks is active, rather than passive, and is much better than simply being thankful.  It is a blessing for the giver and the receiver.  So you could say that the true virtue in thankfulness comes when it is expressed.  You’re probably wondering what this has to do with essential oils, right?  The relevance here is not specifically to the oils themselves but to the people that have the same appreciation for the oils that I do.  Now, I could simply say that I am thankful for the health and abundance that has come my way since introducing essential oils into my daily life.  But instead I would rather thank the many who have helped, influenced, supported and guided me along the way.

First and foremost, thank you to my wonderful husband for supporting me, not only in this journey of mine, but in every other nook and cranny of my life.  Thank you to my remarkable children for always being receptive, accepting and willing to join me, even when they’re not altogether sure what direction I’m heading in.  Thank you to all of my incredible family and friends that have so enthusiastically jumped onto this oily adventure with me.  Thank you to my amazing upline for providing so much education and always being available to answer my questions. Thank you to my awesome downline for embracing these oils so passionately and for allowing me the opportunity to mentor you.  Thank you to all my “Oil Sistas”, the ones I know personally and the ones I know virtually, for sharing your heartfelt stories and advice that benefit so many.  Each of you have touched my life in your own special way.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!




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