Have you noticed lately that you’re feeling a bit amped up?  Have you experienced lately that people on the road are driving more haphazardly than usual?  Right around the time of our last full moon, August 7th, I began to notice an inordinate amount of people cutting me off on the road or literally sitting between two lanes in indecisiveness.  It was crazy weird.  So much so that I mentioned it to my daughter who commented that she was observing the same thing.  It just seemed like the energy around me, as well as my own, was different – heightened.    Remembering that there is an upcoming solar eclipse, I decided to do a little research to see if I could connect some dots.


As it turns out, solar eclipses have a very potent influence on our emotions.  This influence can be felt not only on the day of the event, but from the time of the full moon, (August 7th) up through a few days after the event.  Eclipses affect the earth’s electromagnetic field, which in turn affects everything on earth, including us.  Our electromagnetic field shifts, which allows our energy to resonate with the new frequency that is incoming from the universe.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for inner transformation, but also comes with moments of turbulence and unsettling emotions.  In fact Tibetan Buddhists believe that the effect of both positive and negative actions during the time of an eclipse is multiplied by 10,000 times!

The last time we had a total solar eclipse that was visible for us in North America was 1979.  In just a few days, on August 21st, we will experience a full solar eclipse here again.  This is a brief period when the moon is quite literally and energetically blocking the sun’s rays.  This is similar to a massive power outage which is then followed by an amped up power surge as the sun’s rays come back into view.  Even if you are not geographically where the full eclipse can be seen, you will still feel its effects.  What you may notice just before the eclipse hits your area is that daylight will seem more like twilight and the air temperature will cool down.  You may notice an eery feeling in the air as well.   No wonder ancient cultures were terrified by this event.

During this time of energy in-flux, I decided to look to some of the Young Living essential oil blends that I have on hand that would help me feel more anchored and grounded.  Diffusing or simply applying these topically has helped me feel better aligned and equipped to clear any energetic debris that I’ve been dragging around.

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Essential Oils

  • PRESENT TIME: Just as the name suggests, this blend is wonderfully anchoring.  It creates clarity around where you are right now and where you want to be.  Helping you to feel grounded in the present moment allows you to observe what you are willing and unwilling to change.  That self-awareness is the initiator of inner growth.
  • PEACE AND CALMING: If this time period is causing an added layer of stress and anxiety, this blend will allow your nervous system to relax and your mind to quiet.
  • FORGIVENESS: Whenever we are experiencing periods of change, issues of judgment and resentment often come to the surface.  This blend helps us heal the anger and hurt we harbor, allowing us to come to a place of forgiveness and remembering that we need to forgive ourselves as well as others.
  • RELEASE: If I had to pick an absolute favorite, this would be it.  This blend allows you to let go of pent up emotions that we often are afraid of or don’t know how to express.  I can actually feel the physical tension and tightness leave my body when I use this blend.  It’s like a big, giant exhale.
  • SARA: This blend is particularly helpful if you have experienced any past trauma that has created energetic blocks in your system.  These blocks typically translate to pain and illness in our body.  SARA gently releases those past hurts allowing us to move forward to wholeness.
  • JOY: Simply put, this blend moves you into a greater sense of love and joy.  Very helpful when you’re feeling anxious or just down in the dumps.
  • TRANSFORMATION: Super effective to use during times of transition.  This blend helps us release old, negative beliefs and replace them with new, positive beliefs which empower us to make the changes we desire.

Knowing this upcoming solar eclipse gives us an opportunity for change and putting old chapters behind us, using your essential oils will help you clear out some of the emotions that may open up during this time.  This cosmic event is a gift that allows us to move forward.  I encourage you to try using some of the oils I mentioned or simply choose an oil that calls to you as we move through this period of amplified light and growth.


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